11: Ear Plugs and Earphones

11: Ear Plugs and Earphones

TeeJay has been travelling again. She’s also been collecting all the freebies that come with flying abroad or staying in a hotel. We’re talking all those tiny bottles of shampoo, shower gel, body lotion; those socks you get on the plane as well as those mini toothpaste and tooth brush sets.
And also for some reason she has a collection of ear plugs. Which is strange because TeeJay won’t wear them because she’s worried about not being able to hear her alarm.

But let’s imagine you could have ear plugs to block out the negative people and all the negativity you hear around you every day! How much better would the world be?

Or maybe it’s not the outside you need to block but the internal voices? How many of your 60 thousand thoughts are negative ones about yourself?

Sometimes though it’s not about blocking a message or a voice but being able to hear it. What are you listening to right now? Who are you listening to? What are they saying? What is being played on your earphones, apart from this podcast?

And while we think we’re making good choices about the messages we send through our ears and our brains are we?

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