12: The Power Of Focus

12: The Power Of Focus

This week TeeJay is focussing on focussing!
The power of focus and getting in to flow is incredible, but how often do you achieve this?
The challenge for TeeJay is to not get distracted because when she’s distracted everything takes longer. Does that ring true for you too?

Being focused and getting things done quickly should be easy, but is it something you struggle with?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. TeeJay lists the many distractions she has during a simple task and also looks at why she, and maybe you, allow these distractions to take over.

Oh and before you claim your a multi-tasker TeeJay wants you to ask yourself a few questions about what you actually get done and just how long it takes you.

There’s also a challenge for you this week, which TeeJay is also taking part in. Are you up for it?

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