14: Mind Your Mind

14: Mind Your Mind

TeeJay’s been speaking at a local business networking meeting. She didn’t use a powerpoint presentation though, instead it was pens, a flip chart and her friend Bob.
Bob helps to explain what goes on between your ears; TeeJay then explains how you can rewire your thinking to bring more positivity in to your life and begin to banish those negative feelings.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Spark to Your Success without a challenge and this week you are being given the same challenge as those people at the business network meeting.
Are you ready? For the next ten days you are not allowed to dwell on a negative thought or emotion. If you do, you start your ten days again back at day one!

It sounds simple doesn’t it? But even TeeJay struggled to complete ten consecutive days previously. You’ll never believe how long it took her to complete her first attempt!

Don’t panic at the thought of this challenge because TeeJay gives you 20, yes TWENTY, strategies to help you achieve your ten days.

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