18: The State Of Our Roads

18: The State Of Our Roads

Have you noticed the state of the roads recently? Potholes seem to be everywhere, including this podcast! And what about roadworks? How many traffic jams and diversions have you been caught up in recently?
It feels as though there’s an epidemic of roads being dug up and the dreaded temporary traffic lights.
Yes, this is a bit of a strange topic for TeeJay and the Spark to Your Success but actually – some of TeeJay’s very long hold ups feel as though they could well be a metaphor. 
If you know you’re going to be caught up in traffic you leave a little earlier, right?
And what about those dreaded diversions? Where on earth do the signs sending you off your normal road disappear to? And now you are lost, normally when you can’t get a signal on your phone, your sat nav has given up the ghost and of course who carries a map or A-Z these days?
In our lives we often encounter potholes – bumps in the road that might cause us damage; temporary signals or roadblocks; diversions (distractions!?) and dead ends.
TeeJay helps explain how we can get to our destination and avoid those long delays.
Get in touch with TeeJay and tell her about your journey – she can’t fix the actual roads though before you ask! 

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