7: Flow

7: Flow

What is flow? It sounds as though it should be soft and fluffy but it’s not. It’s actually the most important thing in your life that you can discover.

If you’re struggling to find your flow TeeJay is here to help.
She examines exactly what flow is – it’s the place that challenges you, but doesn’t over stretch you. It’s within your natural gifts and talents.

TeeJay describes Flow as being like a river. It’s a force of nature that knows exactly where it is going and nothing is going to stop it. But it’s important to remember that river started as a trickle somewhere.

Listening to this episode will start you on your journey in to Flow.

During this podcast TeeJay talks about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the author of “Flow: The Psychology of Happiness” you can hear his TedTalk here

She also mentions Gay Hendricks and his book The Big Leap. His website is here

And that Lucozade advert is here

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