8: Fuel For Your Flow

8: Fuel For Your Flow

Last week TeeJay introduce you to Flow so today she’s looking at the fuel you need to get in to Flow and the fuel you need to beware of that takes you out of Flow.

TeeJay’s Ignition programme is called Ignition because to go on a journey in a car you have to turn the key which in turn creates a spark and that spark lights up your fuel. If you fill up with the wrong fuel it will lead to a breakdown. Make sure you are not the person who fills up your diesel car with petrol, you won’t get far.

If you know your perfect mix of fuels your journey will be smooth and you’ll be running on optimum.

TeeJay will get you to examine your personal fuel mix so you can recognise what gets you in to Flow and how to maximise other people’s Flow.

WARNING: The journey metaphor continues throughout this episode so you will have to embrace it!

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