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Ignition! is a personal empowerment journey designed specifically for young people to discover individual talents, understand their personal profile and those around them.


The pressures of growing up pose two major challenges for our young people today:


1. A lack of confidence, through unhelpful negative beliefs and low self-worth
2. A lack of direction, through confusion and uncertainty about what to do next


Once young people understand what they are good at and explore their purpose, they are able to live a positive life and stay in ‘flow’.

Feel comfortable as you

Nobody is worth less than anybody else


Everyone is born without prejudice and negativity – life begins with exploration and the joy of discovery, but as we grow up, various beliefs set in and when we start to notice others we inevitably start to compare ourselves. Not measuring up to someone else is not a bad thing, it’s because you are different and that’s more than OK.


Ignition! helps young people to uncover how to add value to their own life first and then the lives of others. Adding value makes you feel truly valued and therefore comfortable and happy with who you really are.


Life isn’t meant to be exhausting; it’s meant to be fun. Feeling comfortable in your own skin improves energy levels and thus effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy and morale – leading to a clear sense of direction.

Teenager with emotional issues
Happy teenager



The journey begins with a young person engaging with an Ignition! Travel Guide – an accredited Ignition! coach, trainer, teacher or youth worker professional.


Through the Ignition! journey a young person will find the right personal mix of ‘fuel’ and activities to help them flourish, feel happy and develop a drive for something in life.


The boarding pass

Each stage of the Ignition! journey is like a traveller exploring new adventures. As experience and personal fulfillment grows, so too will the individual.

Discover passion

Life is an exciting journey full of untapped potential and opportunities. Learn to explore what brings true happiness.

Achieve Life & Career Direction

We are meant to be individuals with no one person being a replica of another. Learn to feel content with the real person inside.

Develop Confidence

Every one of us is destined for great things. It’s a case of finding a vision and vocation and being inspired enough to make it reality.

Determine Purpose

There are many opportunities in life yet pressures and obstacles hinder the way. Use instincts and self-belief to clear the way.

Live life in flow with Ignition!

If you have a young person struggling to find their purpose, work with young people who need a guiding light or have a passion for helping young people and feel a connection to Ignition! get in touch today to learn more.

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