Young People



Everyone is different

Everyone is different. We are all shaped by past experiences, future desires, different attitudes and behaviours. It’s what makes you unique and defines your personality. No matter what, you are remarkable.


As a young person, the pressures of modern life are immense – the academic system, social anxieties, imbalances at home and career stress. Society is hyperactive and it’s difficult to see clearly.


Picture looking at yourself through a frosted window – it’s ill-defined, vague, distant. Is the real you fighting to break though the fog, to gain clarity and see the beauty in life – your life?


If you need to talk get in touch now. Don’t let the darkness take over, you’re worth so much more.

Life doesn’t always give you a second chance. Take control and write a new script for your life.

What do you want to change?

In times of darkness, emotional support in laughter, insight and positivity can be a powerful cure. Your current situation can be overturned with the right mindset, encouragement and tools.


Different personalities attract different friendships. Never adapt to fit in because you will attract friends that you deserve naturally.

Like yourself

Identify and love who you really are. Peel off the layers of confusion and hurt to reveal the real you.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts infect your identity and create chemical imbalances in your body. Use your energy to be optimistic.

Be positive

Being positive boosts your immune system. Happy thoughts and attitudes breed confidence and enhance resilience.

Learn to love

Love yourself before you love other people. The craving to feel loved is often because you don’t love yourself enough.

Weighted down

Feeling buried under the weight of other people’s expectations creates confusion and leaves you ill at ease. Release the burdens created by others to feel free.

Sow the seeds

Feeling fulfilled comes from planting positivity seeds that grow into confidence, happiness, self-worth, value and vision. Start small.

Family first

Family nurtures a stable, supportive, encouraging and loving environment. Maybe not blood ties but you need a caring family.

Ready to make a change?

Creativity and destruction originate from the same place – both are powerful and addictive impulses that affect the chemical activity in your body. Nurture creative energy to quash the toxicity.


Making the right changes for you

A young mind can manifest feelings of dislike, a lack of self-worth and confidence. In extreme circumstances the purpose of living can be questioned, severe phobias develop and the risk of deep depression grows.


Self-harm and poor behaviours often set in as coping mechanisms to meet ambiguous needs, while suicidal feelings can be prominent as a means of escape from a reality that you feel you cannot deal with.




Seek help to break free and write a new future. You are not limited by what may have happened in the past and you do not have to live by labels. Nobody else deserves to have a hold over your life, find your inner strength and learn to love yourself.


Get in touch and grab hold of a helping hand.


How can Back on Track Teens Help?

We are not a counselling or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) organisation. We support young people who suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence and are highly experienced in working with people who experience profound levels of poor mental health and suicidal tendencies through no fault of their own.


If you are committed to helping yourself then we will never walk away until your state of mind is strong, confident and happy.


Fun, practical and confidential sessions highlight the importance of loving yourself and being at peace in your own skin – 95% of the youngsters we work with are revitalised and content within just 3 to 9* sessions.


Retrain your brain to think positively and love yourself. You are a winner – talk to us.


Clause: *3-12 sessions can be required depending on the cause of trauma and the resilience of the individuals we work with

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my personality profile relate to my academic performance?

Your grades at school or college are a result of both how you learn and how hard you learn. You can improve your grades by learning in ways that suit your profile. However, your profile doesn’t dictate how committed or lazy you are. You will find if you commit yourself, and learn in the way that suits you, it won’t feel like hard work, especially if you ask for help in your areas of weakness.

Can I now skip classes if they don’t fit my profile?

At school, there will still subjects you need to take as part of your curriculum. Later in life, your success will come from what you say ‘no’ to – the jobs you avoid and the activities you let others do so you’re free to do what you are best at. If you can’t use your profile as a reason to avoid the subjects or parts of a job that don’t suit you, you can still use it to improve your enjoyment of these subjects, and to understand the relative importance of these subjects or parts of the job.

Can I use my profile as a reason for my shortcomings?

Every football player in a match takes ownership of their position, but all take responsibility for winning the game. When you know what you aren’t so good at, you can still take responsibility for those areas by having others help you or putting a system in place to minimise your struggles or challenges.

The difference we’ve made