As parents we’re always looking for the best for our kids. We want to boost their confidence and their feelings of self-worth. We want to help them find their own specific talents and guide them along the right path, enabling them to cultivate their particular aptitudes at the same time as developing relevant skills. And all of this without wanting to be seen to ‘interfere’ or ‘push’ too much. Tough huh? Well, Talent Dynamics for Young People has been specifically created to help with all of the above.


Talent Dynamics – Who Is It For?

Talent Dynamics is for Young People from the age of 9 to 23 and has endless applications. It is particularly relevant to:

  • Parents who want to ensure their child chooses a career path which will suit them best.
  • Those who want to see their child grow in confidence and self-worth and of course this applies in spades if that child has already had a few knocks in life or been bullied.
  • Young people feeling like square pegs in round holes trying to find where they really fit in.
  • Young people who are looking for a clear sense of direction at any point of their journey whether in school, moving to college or already in the workplace.
  • Youth coaches – this is an ideal and hugely powerful coaching tool to add to your skill-set.
  • Organisations working with young people to develop confidence and direction.


The Practicalities

Your son or daughter’s TDYP Consultation (you may choose to be present if you and your child prefer) will present them with a full, twelve-page report defining their individual strengths. The report will:

  • Show them what their natural talents are, their strengths, where they get to shine.
  • Give them an awareness of the value they can bring to a group or team.
  • Offer a clear direction to help them make decisions as to their next steps.
  • Make them aware of the very specific and individual talents they would bring to a career path and future roles.
  • Help them deal with future interview questions on their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be of huge practical assistance as they prepare their first CV.


Consultancy Fees

A consultancy lasts one hour and costs £120


Book a TDYP Consultancy Today

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