Supporting and understanding LGBTQ+ language and community

Coaching & Training Programme for schools
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What is your school’s gender and sexual identity policy?

Supporting and Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community and Language with Expert Training and Coaching

For many young people, finding their identity and understanding who they are can be confusing, isolating and daunting.

Hormonal changes significantly impact moods, physical appearance and emotional needs during the tween and teenage years. In addition, struggling to come to terms with a non-heterosexual gender and sexual identity can be a source of much anxiety. A supportive school community can help normalise conversations around LGBTQ+ identities and create a safe space for anyone with questions.

‘Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ+ Language and Community’ Programme Outcome

By the end of the programme, participants will understand how to:

LGBTQ+ representation and visibility

Labels and pronouns and their meaning

Stereotypes and homophobia, and how to spot signs and symptoms of abuse

Protected characteristics of equality and human rights

How to interpret the language of the community and feel confident conversing

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Navigating Gender and Sexual Identity

Did you know that an estimated 1.4 million people aged 16 and over in the UK identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) in 2019? This is a significant increase from 1.2 million in 2018.

LGBTQ+ representation within education is limited and can still be a taboo subject for many families and in the workplace. Increased awareness and a willingness to listen, talk and offer support within schools helps promote inclusivity and open conversation.

Living a life pretending to be someone you’re not will feel out of alignment and may seriously harm mental health. Talking about sexual identity and gender helps people feel comfortable expressing what feels natural while eliminating the ignorance around the topic.

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‘Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ+ Language and Community’ Programme Content

‘Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ+ Language and Community’ is an interactive and practical programme exploring the issues, thoughts and emotions linked with self-discovery, gender and sexual identity.

The content provides participants with the tools and techniques to tackle stigmas and encourages teachers, students and parents to have open conversations about gender and sexual identity.

Who Is This Programme For?

The programme is designed for teachers and support staff in primary, secondary and further education environments. One-on-one coaching is available for teachers, as well as group sessions and resources for students and optional outreach support for parents and carers.

‘Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ+ Language and Community’ Programme Details

All programmes can be tailored to your needs and requirements to enhance your school’s existing schedule. All content is designed to support and empower teams to overcome challenges in the classroom and encourage safe collaboration between teachers, students, and their parents.

Gender and Sexual Identity eBook and glossary

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How Can Your School Benefit from Working with Back on Track Teens?

Certified Back on Track Teens training specialists and coaches deliver inclusivity group training and one-on-one coaching for teachers and support workers. Building resilience, confidence and self-worth reduces challenging behaviours, improving emotional wellbeing, staff retention and student attendance.

Parent support, student group sessions and practical online resources are also available to enrich all solutions.

Just wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed your presentation this morning. I have had so many staff come to me and say how informed they found it

A Cashmore, Walton School

Why Choose Back on Track Teens?

Back on Track Teens places young people, their parents and caregivers (including teachers and support workers) at the core of its work.

Innovative programmes use a combination of behavioural coaching, emotional support and practical resilience training. A creative and safe learning environment explores honest conversation and individual learning. Applying behavioural science to real-life scenarios empowers and supports the discovery of natural strengths and talents.

Regulatory annual statutory medical training is also available, including:


  • Safe Use of Medicines
  • Anaphylaxis and EpiPen Medication
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Gastrostomy Training and Competency

All Back on Track Teens training meets OFSTED and Care Quality Commission standards. Participants will receive workbooks, email support and access to a huge range of practical, creative and empowering resources.

I have just received a fantastic report from Matthew’s science teacher.

I just wanted to thank you, it is since he has seen you that his attitude has matured and he has become an independent learner, who wants to succeed at school and do well in his subjects.

Thank you again.