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Empowering the Lives of Over 10 million Young People

Which way is your compass pointing?

Everyone has a bright spark inside. For some young people, this spark can be dimmed through negative experiences. Others simply haven’t found the ignition to light their spark – yet.

If you’re a caring and compassionate individual who sees the best in people and wants to make a difference in the lives of our future generations, then Ignition! could be for you. Are you ready to help tweens, teens and young adults to discover their unique talents and gifts?

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Introducing the Ignition! Programme

The Back on Track Teens internationally recognised Ignition! Programme is a personal development journey of discovery for young people where all participants undergo real-life transformation. The outcome is a greatly enhanced outlook on life.

  • Discover natural talents and gifts
  • Build resilience and self-esteem
  • Overcome negative behaviours
  • Find true purpose and identity
  • Start a journey to realising your full potential.

Ignition! needs more coaches like you to empower the lives of over 10 million young people.

You want to do more but are unsure about where to start

A tailored version of the Ignition! Programme is available for coaches, carers and individuals who want to learn the programme’s core principles. Gaining knowledge of Ignition! will enable you to deliver the programme and use its resources to coach and mentor others with complete confidence. You’ll be a catalyst for the positive development of young people by igniting their true spark or helping to brighten their dimmed light.

Many existing coaches with backgrounds in corporate, executive, business or even life coaching can benefit from learning with Ignition! Perhaps you work in education or the care industry. Even if you work in a different profession or fancy a change, coaching can be hugely rewarding – and everyone can benefit from personal development.

No matter what stage of your career, if you feel compelled to inspire and nurture young people and offer a safe, supportive environment for them to prosper, then Ignition! is for you.

What can you do as a coach?

Helping others is in your DNA. The Ignition! Programme offers impactful and courageous strategies that are fun, engaging and produce results. You’ll learn the system and gain an insight into your behaviours and desires. You’ll understand how to change thought patterns and reactions that allow you to step into a better you. Applying and sharing the knowledge will enable you to support young people to flourish.

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Who can benefit from Ignition!?

The simple answer to this question is everyone.

Learning to coach with impact and inspired action will make a significant difference in your life and the young people you’re working with. Relationships and successes will improve because you’ll be working to your strengths. You’ll feel in flow and work will be joyful.

Use the programme tools to coach individuals and run group sessions – online or in-person. Applying personality profiles and sharing empowering techniques will help young people shine no matter what life throws their way. The tried and tested system will set them on a positive path for their future self, relationships and career choices.


Why use Ignition!?

There are plenty of personal development programmes, so why choose to learn and deliver Ignition! is a great question. And the question has a simple answer: Ignition! is the only dedicated youth personal development journey out there.

The flagship teen programme and tailored courses for parents, carers and organisations are designed to support young people at their core.


Who is using Ignition!?

Ignition! is global. The flagship programme, supporting courses and resources are being delivered and sold across XX countries by XX professionally training Ignition! ‘Travel Guides’.


How can Back on Track Teens and the Ignition! Programme support you?

As a coach, you gain access to a supportive portfolio for your benefit, including:

  • 100s of digital and tangible resources
  • 15 flexible online study modules
  • Ongoing support from qualified mentors
  • 24/7 coaching community
  • Online self-paced learning framework
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

As a taster of the programme, why not discover what your spark to success profile is?

Applying the Ignition! concept and behavioural learnings within your family unit will help all individuals to observe the viewpoint of others without judgement. The knowledge gained makes communication and resolution much easier.

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Learn more about the Ignition! Programme

If you’re not quite ready to book an Ignition! for coaches programme, connect with us for an online chat or telephone call. We’d love to hear your questions and if Ignition! sounds like a good fit we’ll recommend one of the following:

What is Back on Track Teens?

Back on Track Teens places young people aged 9-23 years and their parents and caregivers at the core of its work. Innovative programmes and individual or family sessions use a combination of coaching, training, conversation and exploration delivered in a creative and safe learning environment. Applying behavioural science to real-life scenarios empowers and supports the discovery of natural strengths and talents.

Up to 95% of the youngsters we work with can transform their outlook on life within just 3 to 9* sessions.

When a young mind is in crisis, state waiting lists and ‘labelled therapy’ are often not an option. Back on Track Teens is here for you now.

Clause: *3-12 sessions can be required depending on the cause of trauma and the individual resilience.

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