About us


About us

Back on Track Teens helps young people to identify who they are and discover their natural strengths and talents to live life in ‘flow’.


Experiences and natural talents


“From the innocent age of four, I had a strong belief that I wasn’t good enough. This negative emotion set me on a pathway in life where I never felt as though my face fit – I was a loner, painfully shy and kept encountering obstacles in my career and social life.


This belief stayed at my side for over three decades, tugging at my confidence, and making life incredibly uncomfortable. Not once did anyone share a thought to just be myself, to believe in the real me and that I’m wonderful as I am. Shortly before I turned forty, I started to find my true purpose…


Life changed when I launched my own business and embraced my training and personal experiences. It was a deep dive immersion where everything seemed to come together – coaching, personal development, neuro-strategy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and practical empowerment tools for business professionals and teams. Powerful profiling techniques were the last piece of the puzzle and everything clicked.”

Teejay Dowe of Ignition

A vision of the future


“The final epiphany moment came to me in a conference room in Bali in 2012. There, I realised my vocation was to work with young people to make a profound difference; to help them take control of their lives, to discover their talents and feel comfortable in their own skin – let them know they are incredible just as they are.


You see, every time I saw a young person who looked unhappy, to hear of tragic stories such as bullying, self-harm, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, and complete uncertainty about what their purpose is in life, I felt as though I was looking in the mirror at some of my own past emotions and memories. Finally, the future was clear and I had a direction. I can relate to the turbulent emotions many young people experience today and with the abundance of skills built up over the years, I can guide them to find their own self-belief and purpose.”


Everyone is not the same


“People shouldn’t be judged by the same standards and this is where the current academic system (and many pockets of society) fail our young people. I can support them to discover their own geniuses – and not those expected by teachers, parents and peers.


At this point, Back on Track Teens for young people was developed and I launched the Ignition! programme. My purpose is to empower the lives of 10 million young people to become tomorrow’s confident, successful leaders, who do it by feeling happy in their own skin.


Trying to squish a square peg any which way into a round hole will never work. Your peg needs to be your shape.”


Thanks for visiting the website, I’d love to talk more about how Back on Track Teens can help young people.”

Ready to help, TeeJay

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