Championing Your Child with Compassion

Encouraging your child to love themselves and grow as a unique individual

It’s an arduous job raising children.

You can work wonders in the home by encouraging healthy living, sharing optimism and supporting your children through education. But preventing upset due to interactions with ‘unpredictable people’ and from the ‘big wide world’ isn’t always possible, even for you. Sometimes, when times get tough, you and your child might need a little help navigating modern life’s pressures.

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Your child is unique

Every parent knows this but does your child?

The stress of looking, acting and thinking in a certain way can be difficult for anyone. But for youngsters coming to terms with their identity and navigating ‘growing pains’, it can be immense. Mainstream broadcasting and social media paint a less than accurate picture of young people’s lives, and misconceptions about body image are rife. These delusions can often result in feelings of low self-worth and lack of confidence and may lead to unhelpful negative behaviours.

Some of the behaviours to look out for can include:

  • Self-harm
  • Anxiety – fearing the future
  • Depression – becoming stuck in the past
  • Phobias
  • Bullying
  • Rebellion

You’ve done all the right things

Most parents have good intentions, but with so many external unknowns, it’s commonplace for anxieties to set in for you and your child.

Uncertainty (and pressure of expectancy) around higher education choices or a work-based career path is common. Teenagers fear making mistakes or disappointing others, and parents fear for their child’s safety and success. It’s familiar ground for many families, but thoughts, feelings and actions can differ.

Young people feel the stress of peer pressure, bullying, exclusion and expectations from the education system and family. Having the appropriate emotional support and knowing how to use practical tools will give them a sense of direction and build confidence in their identity and decision-making.

The Back on Track Teens internationally recognised Ignition! Programme is a personal development journey of discovery for young people. The programme provides them with everything they need to overcome challenges, build resilience and embark on a prosperous life. And did you know there’s a tailored version for parents too?

What can you do as a parent?

If you think your child might be suffering in silence, the best place to start is by having a conversation. Let them know you have their back no matter what by creating a safe space. Open, honest communication is often the first step and any situation can have a positive outcome.

Make your own enquiries and conduct online research to learn more. Back on Track Teen offers several resources for you to access for free.

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How can Back on Track Teens support you and your child?

Start by connecting with us for a free online chat or telephone call. As behavioural coaching experts, we’re trained to spot any concerns. If we agree that support for you and your child will be beneficial, we’ll recommend one of the following:

Applying the Ignition! concept and behavioural learning within your family unit will help all individuals to observe the viewpoint of others without judgement. Having new strategies to work with encourages positive relationships and makes communication and resolution much easier.

Let’s support each other

Trying to do the right thing may never feel enough for a parent. Feelings of helplessness and rejection in endeavouring to support your child in their time of need are common. You might even need help too. If you do, Back on Track Teens can support you too.

Meaningful Friendships

Not everybody wants to be part of the ‘in-crowd’ or needs numerous friends. Discover how to appreciate your child's true personality and let natural, worthy friendships develop.

Sense of Direction

Creativity and destruction can battle in the mind. Encouraging imagination and learning how to communicate openly with your child can inspire them to find rewarding aspirations for a brighter future.

Define Strengths

Focusing on individual strengths and the personal characteristics appreciated by others, boosts self-esteem immensely. Empower your child by encouraging them to develop their natural gifts.

Active Listening

Switch off your internal story and actively listen to your child. Learn how to set boundaries and avoid inserting your own experiences and needs into their feelings and wants.

Love your child

Love and support are powerful emotions but so are hate and neglect. Uncover how to show affection and encouragement in abundance to cultivate a deep bond with your child.

What is Back on Track Teens?

Back on Track Teens places young people aged 9-23 years and their parents and caregivers at the core of its work. Innovative programmes and individual or family sessions use a combination of coaching, training, conversation and exploration delivered in a creative and safe learning environment. Applying behavioural science to real-life scenarios empowers and supports the discovery of natural strengths and talents.

Up to 95% of the youngsters we work with can transform their outlook on life within just 3 to 9* sessions.

When a young mind is in crisis, state waiting lists and ‘labelled therapy’ are often not an option. Back on Track Teens is here for you now.

Clause: *3-12 sessions can be required depending on the cause of trauma and the individual resilience.

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