Your child is unique

Despite our multicultural society, our youngsters have a tough time.


The pressure of looking, acting and thinking in a certain way with pressure from both mainstream media and social media is a huge burden. The uncertainties (and expectancy) in choosing a career path at such a young and inexperienced age, and the mental anxieties endured as a result of a fraught academic system result in many youngsters feeling judged and in never-ending limbo.


The education system, peer pressure, bullying and even family expectations can lead to stress, high anxiety and a lack of confidence. If left unnoticed or a weak or negative mentally sets in, deeper depression and severe phobias can manifest. Poor behaviours, rebellion and self-harm are common coping mechanisms but unconditional love, support and positivity is the remedy.


Your child needs to gain a true sense of self-worth and direction to feel confident in their own skin and positive in their mindset.

We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change.

Henry Cloud

What needs to change?

As a parent, trying to do the right thing may never feel enough. Thoughts of helplessness and rejection in your endeavor to support your child in their time of need are not uncommon – you need help too.

Like yourself

You’re a positive, nurturing person so there’s no reason for you to doubt yourself or feel that you are the cause of your child’s trauma. Discover how to love and support each other.

Be positive

Positivity is beneficial for everyone. It boosts the immune system and enhances happy, nurturing chemicals in the body. Find out how to embrace these powerful mindsets to support your child.

Love your child

Love and support are powerful emotions but so are hate and neglect. Uncover how to show affection and encouragement in abundance to cultivate a deep bond with your child.

Meaningful Friendships

Not everybody wants to be part of the ‘in-crowd’ or needs numerous friends hanging around. Discover how to appreciate the true personality of your child and let natural and worthy friendships develop.

Sense of Direction

Creativity and destruction can battle in the mind. Encourage imagination and learn how to communicate openly with your child to inspire them to find rewarding aspirations for a bright future.

Define Strengths

By focusing on individual strengths and personal characteristics that others appreciate, self-esteem can be boosted immensely. Empower your child by encouraging them to develop their natural gifts.

Active Listening

Switch off your internal story and listen to your child. Learn how to set boundaries and never insert your own experiences and needs into their feelings and wants.

Natural Talent

Living out the expectations of others is tough and creates internal chaos. Discover ways to encourage your child in a supportive environment - let them explore and harness what comes naturally.

Ready to support your child?

Emotional turmoil is like a disease, affecting everyone in close proximity, especially when severe mental health issues or suicidal tendencies are present. Seek the support your child, you and your family need to break through the darkness.


Give them the tools to do what’s right for them and take responsibility of their future.


How can Back on Track teens help your child?

Transforming confused, angry and lost individuals is what we do.


Back on Track Teens work with children, teenagers and young adults aged 9-23 years of age and specialise in supporting those who suffer from low self-worth and feelings of depression and anxiety or worse.


When a young mind is in crisis and struggling, state waiting lists and “labeled therapy” are often not an option. Back on Track Teens is here for you now.


We are not a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) organisation or a counseling service and we only work with individuals and families who are committed to helping themselves and having a mindset that the only outcome will be a positive one.


Sessions are confidential and engaging, fun and practical. They highlight the importance of internal love and embracing natural strengths to overcome weaknesses and retrain the brain to be empowered.


Up to 95% of the youngsters we work with are able to transform their outlook on life within just 3 to 9* sessions.


Get help for your child when they need it – contact us today.


Clause: *3-12 sessions can be required depending on the cause of trauma and the resilience of the individuals we work with.


Ready to support your child?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my personality profile relate to my academic performance?

Your grades at school or college are a result of both how you learn and how hard you learn. You can improve your grades by learning in ways that suit your profile. However, your profile doesn’t dictate how committed or lazy you are. You will find if you commit yourself, and learn in the way that suits you, it won’t feel like hard work, especially if you ask for help in your areas of weakness.

Can I now skip classes if they don’t fit my profile?

At school, there will still subjects you need to take as part of your curriculum. Later in life, your success will come from what you say ‘no’ to – the jobs you avoid and the activities you let others do so you’re free to do what you are best at. If you can’t use your profile as a reason to avoid the subjects or parts of a job that don’t suit you, you can still use it to improve your enjoyment of these subjects, and to understand the relative importance of these subjects or parts of the job.

Can I use my profile as a reason for my shortcomings?

Every football player in a match takes ownership of their position, but all take responsibility for winning the game. When you know what you aren’t so good at, you can still take responsibility for those areas by having others help you or putting a system in place to minimise your struggles or challenges.

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