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Inspiring our next generation to believe

Could youngsters benefit from your talents?

You believe that young people have a hard time balancing the pressures of education, peers and career decisions. It’s even tougher to manage the stresses that come with a technologically advanced society – you know help is needed but it’s difficult to know who to turn to and what support will bring the best outcome.

Self development

Train yourself to deliver the right support

Back on Track Teens could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to help guide young people into making the right decisions, build confidence and to feel good about themselves. You are a caring individual and your career to date has probably involved some level of support or mentoring, coaching or teaching young people. Seeing them achieve amazing things, especially when they’ve been through tough times is a big motivator for you.


If you want to engage with a sense of purpose with our next generation, contact us today.

Make a big impact

Invite Back On Track Teens to your organisation

Often, organisations or schools have the right mindset to help the young people they work with or educate but they don’t have the appropriate skills in-house or sufficient time and knowledge to make an impact. Back on Track Teens approach each situation unbiased and implement tailored programmes for individuals or groups. We can even train and empower your own staff to continue with the powerful techniques once they’ve experienced Ignition! firsthand.


Get the right support for our next generation and get it today by calling the Back on Track Teens team.

In my world there are no bad kids, just impressionable, conflicted young people wrestling with emotions and impulses, trying to communicate their feelings and needs the only way they know how.

Janet Lansbury

What do you want to change?

Most young children don’t see the strains of life and the stresses caused by others – life is a breeze. As they climb the school ladder, the pressure of performance, the potential impact of bullying and trying to fit in take over innocence and the natural desire to play and explore the world. A negative mindset can take precedence and our once spirited broods lose their way.

Do you have the skills and desire to help them get back on the right track?

Share Energy

You’re confident, grounded and full of positivity. In fact, you’re overflowing with energy so why not share it with those in need of a boost? Discover how to share your passion and make a real difference.

Conquer Negativity

You understand how negativity spreads through the mind and body like a disease. You’re also aware of positive tonics that can reverse the toxins so why not learn how to harness this and help others?

Celebrate Positivity

Positive thoughts are empowering - they encourage creativity, independence and resilience. Understand the techniques of how to inspire others to empower them to find their own spark.

Guide the Way

You have a knack for building confidence in others and helping them gain a sense of direction. Why not work with young people and act as a chaperon so they can take hold of their future with both hands?

Ready to help change the future.


Help distressed youngsters find their inner compass to think for themselves and stand on their own two feet with purpose.


Help our youngsters choose their pathway to success.


Making a difference you can be proud of

As part of the Back on Track Teens team you will have the opportunity to work with children, teenagers and young adults aged 9-23 years of age. These young people are troubled individuals, suffering an emotional crisis though no fault of their own.


They often have severe mental health issues, depression and suicidal tendencies and they need help now – waiting lists are not an option.


Back on Track Teens is not a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) organisation or a counseling service. We work with individuals (and their families) using confidential, practical and fun sessions to engage and empower a positive mindset to overcome anxieties and clear the way for a positive, new direction.


If you want to make a real difference to someone’s life, no matter what the circumstances are, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my personality profile relate to my academic performance?

Your grades at school or college are a result of both how you learn and how hard you learn. You can improve your grades by learning in ways that suit your profile. However, your profile doesn’t dictate how committed or lazy you are. You will find if you commit yourself, and learn in the way that suits you, it won’t feel like hard work, especially if you ask for help in your areas of weakness.

Can I now skip classes if they don’t fit my profile?

At school, there will still subjects you need to take as part of your curriculum. Later in life, your success will come from what you say ‘no’ to – the jobs you avoid and the activities you let others do so you’re free to do what you are best at. If you can’t use your profile as a reason to avoid the subjects or parts of a job that don’t suit you, you can still use it to improve your enjoyment of these subjects, and to understand the relative importance of these subjects or parts of the job.

Can I use my profile as a reason for my shortcomings?

Every football player in a match takes ownership of their position, but all take responsibility for winning the game. When you know what you aren’t so good at, you can still take responsibility for those areas by having others help you or putting a system in place to minimise your struggles or challenges.

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