Mind Your Mind!


Catch negative thinking and consciously change your thoughts for the better to become magnificent. 

The Ignition! Mind Your Mind guide is full of constructive advice and practical tips that help you to stay in control of your mind and emotions. Ideal for teenagers and young adults.

What is the Ignition! Mind Your Mind Guide?

This PDF download contains twenty powerful ways to help you to stay positive, empowered and feeling great. Take the ten-day challenge to quash negative thoughts and curb overthinking with a powerful two-minute technique. 

Once you have reprogrammed your neural-network to think positively all the time there’ll be no going back. Your life will be more enjoyable and situations you once found challenging will become a breeze.


How to use the Ignition! Mind Your Mind Guide?

The PDF can be used on your own to encourage positive thinking and build your mental resilience against negative thought patterns. Alternatively, the guide can be used as part of the Ignition! Journey for Travel Guide Coaches and Travellers. Make notes and revisit exercises to plot your progress.