Young People


“Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Challenges And Follow Your Flow!”


Everyone Is Different

Everyone has their own natural strengths and weaknesses. It’s these which make us different from friends, family, classmates and colleagues. We’re all unique and each of us has a different way to get into ‘flow’. Flow means doing what we love to do and what we’re good at doing, and because of this it doesn’t feel like hard work. Talent Dynamics for Young People shows you the route to recognising what you’re naturally good at. It gives you your own individual path to follow; your own individual path to feeling good.


Lost In A Crowd?

When you’re within large groups of people, as indeed you are in schools, colleges, companies or organisations, very often everyone is expected to learn, act, communicate, and achieve success in the same way. This of course means there is little opportunity to identify your individual aptitudes, direction and talent. And when we don’t know what we’re good at, we struggle with self-confidence and feel we’re being judged as not ‘good enough’. When you lose self-confidence, it becomes even harder to decide which is the right direction for you.


If It Feels Like Hard Work, You’re Doing The Wrong Thing!

Everyone who’s successful from business leaders to famous performers has found and followed one path and stuck to it. Your natural path will bring out purpose, passion and let your talent shine through. Talent Dynamics for Young People helps you find the path that will suit YOU best, and following that will make you feel lighter, happier and more confident about who you are. It will enable you to make clear decisions, knowing for sure what to say ‘yes’ to and more importantly, when to say ‘no’.


Your Talent Profile Report

Detailing your individual profile will show you your natural path whatever stage you’re at – school, college, workplace – and will guide you as you move forward making life-decisions far more straightforward. Knowing your Talent Profile allows you to be who you are and to recognise your own route to success. In the report we include well-known personalities for each profile so you can relate to real-life role models. You will be fully aware of the ways that will work for you when it comes to learning, working and communicating, and equally vital, what won’t work. Knowing the Talent Profiles of friends and family is also a tremendously powerful tool because it allows you to understand how to bring out the best in them as well.


Ready To Push The Button?

If you feel our thinking fits with the way you’re feeling, why not go ahead and find out more.






Young People’s Talent Dynamics FAQ’s


What if I completed the questionnaire wrongly and am really a different profile. Also, how does my profile relate to my academic performance?

Your grades at school or college are a result of both how you learn and how hard you learn. You can improve your grades by learning in ways that suit your profile. However, your profile doesn’t dictate how committed or lazy you are. You will find if you commit yourself, and learn in the way that suits you, it won’t feel like hard work, especially if you ask for help in your areas of weakness.


Can I now skip classes if they don’t fit my profile?

At school, there will still subjects you need to take as part of your curriculum. Later in life, your success will come from what you say ‘no’ to – the jobs you avoid and the activities you let others do so you’re free to do what you are best at. If you can’t use your profile as a reason to avoid the subjects or parts of a job that don’t suit you, you can still use it to improve your enjoyment of these subjects, and to understand the relative importance of these subjects or parts of the job.


Can I use my profile as a reason for my shortcomings?

Every football player in a match takes ownership of their position, but all take responsibility for winning the game. When you know what you aren’t so good at, you can still take responsibility for those areas by having others help you or putting a system in place to minimise your struggles or challenges.


Can I ask for a new teacher or boss to fit my profile?

We understand your thinking – whether about a teacher, boss, parents or others around you. The key to finding your flow is not about changing anyone else, but simply changing how you communicate and connect. An awareness of someone else’s wavelength means you can tune in to hear them better.


Will following my profile make me even more different from those around me?

Fitting in has little to do with whether you’re different or not, and more to do with how comfortable you are with yourself, and how open to differences in others. Every great team has different strengths within it, and the leader is often the one who succeeds in bringing out the best in others as well as in him or herself. Following your profile will make you more able to relate to others and improve how they relate to you.

If you’re unsure about your test results, look at all eight profiles and choose the one you relate most to. It’s OK to shift to one you’re happier with. The most important thing is to stick to one game. You can’t improve at basketball if you’re on the football pitch.