FFlag – Keith and Sarah – Parents automatically pick a future path

FFlag – Keith and Sarah – Parents automatically pick a future path

Welcome to The Spark To Your Success special series about sexual and gender identity.

You’re going to hear the stories of young people (and a couple of young at heart people) who identify as LGBTQ+ or who support somebody who belongs to the community.

The stories are honest and open accounts of each person’s journey of self-discovery around sexual and gender identity. They share the questions they had, fears they felt, their coming out experience and how they were treated by others.

As you would expect the discussion involves some adult themes.

Throughout this series you’ve heard from a number of young people. In this episode you’ll hear from Keith and Sarah from the charity Fflag. Fflag supports the parents and families and their LGBTQ+ members.

Both Keith and Sarah share the stories of what it’s like to be a parent with a child coming out to them. As Keith says “It is a life change. Parents automatically pick a future path. [When] you get the news and the future is torn up, you get confused because you don’t know what the future will be.”

For more information and resources on sexual and gender identity visit Back On Track Teens

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