6: Change The Story You Tell Yourself

6: Change The Story You Tell Yourself

TeeJay’s been working from home a lot this week which means she’s been able to enjoy a spot of people watching while having a coffee in a cafe.
She overheard a group of women on a nearby table talking about holidays. You know the type of conversation, where they’ve been, where they’d like to go. Then came the reasons why they couldn’t go to some of their dream destinations and they all agreed they are too far away and you’d need to spend at least a month, probably two to make the travelling involved worthwhile.

Or do you? Last week TeeJay went to the West Coast of America for a two day event. Yes she travelled 6000 miles for just two days. In fact she was travelling for longer than she was there for! Was it worthwhile? Yes. Why? You’ll have to listen to find out.

This episode is all about getting you to stretch and challenge your thinking. What are the stories you tell yourself that hold you back? Not just from travelling but from doing anything?
What needs to change in that story?

Anything is possible according to TeeJay, it’s just a matter of time and approach.

And if you’re not careful you might be jumping out of a plane with TeeJay very soon.

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