A Kindness Challenge

A Kindness Challenge

Welcome to a very special episode of Spark To Your Success! It’s the 100th episode!

So what do you do for a celebration for a century of podcasts?

Well TeeJay’s been reflecting a bit on the year. It’s been a challenging one for so many people.

And whilst it’s been hard there has been so much goodness, kindness and thoughtfulness that maybe it’s not been all bad.

Remember doing nice things for other people makes us feel good too. And the opposite is equally true.  

All this reflecting and thinking has given TeeJay an idea. She’s creating a new book – and has a Kindness Challenge for you.

There’s lots of books for grown ups to complete acts of kindness but none that TeeJay can find just for young people.

So TeeJay wants your acts of kindness and pay it forward ideas to include in her new book.

Get thinking, writing and creating ideas that are doable, can be done by any teenager in any part of the world. The acts of kindness can be done in person or virtual! 

And there’s a competition too! 

Send 10 ideas to TeeJay and you’ll get a copy of Mind Your Mind

Send 50 ideas to TeeJay and the top 100, 50 ideas get a signed copy of The Spark To Your Success

Send 100 ideas and the person who sends the best 100 ideas gets 100 minutes of coaching

The email address to send these all to is TeeJay.dowe@Sparktoyoursuccess.co.uk 

Winners will be announced in the episode published during the first week of January

Good luck and have fun thinking up your acts of kindness

You can get hold of the The Spark To Your Success book from Amazon

or via the website www.backontrackteens.com  and also check out ignition.rocks too

Don’t forget to share this podcast (and book!) with all the young people in your life!

Music Credit: https://www.purple-planet.com

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