An Interview With Daniel Moore from Booze Break Podcast

An Interview With Daniel Moore from Booze Break Podcast

For the last few episodes TeeJay has been chatting about health and in particular alcohol.

Today she’s speaking to Daniel Moore. He’s a photographer with his own business, a wife and a young daughter.

Until recently he was drinking pretty much every day. But in a socially acceptable way – a few beers or bottles of wine at home.

During lockdown he began to question why he was choosing to drink and what it might be doing to his body.

Don’t worry – he doesn’t get all preachy and he won’t tell you not to drink, but his story continues every day.

When TeeJay spoke to him he was approaching 90 days without alcohol.

If you want to find out more about Daniel and his booze break you can visit his website which has links to his podcast and social media.

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