And Breathe…

And Breathe…

Before we start you need to make sure you have tissues ready for this episode. There shouldn’t be any tears, but there is a danger of snot…

This week we’re talking about something very important. Breathing. Yes of course you need to breathe to stay alive but how there’s more to it than that.

We often take breathing for granted because it’s so automatic.

Purposeful breathing has lots of benefits – it can bring you a sense of calm take you to a place of focus and ignite your energies too!

Now if you go online you might find lots of exercises for deep breathing and purposeful breathing, but TeeJay thinks they are all a bit, well, heavy and serious.

So she’s come up with a few exercises of her own, which are absolutely not heavy or serious but full of benefits!

The exercises include square breathing, balloon breathing (with a Spark To Your Success twist!), nostril breathing (this is where you might want a tissue handy!) and fogging the mirror breathing.

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