Are You In The Positive Squad?

Are You In The Positive Squad?

There’s a new lockdown in England and it’s bringing out the gloom squad.

TeeJay though does not want to join them. Instead she wants to be part of the Positive Squad

And she wants you to join her and her friend Bob – remember him? He’s key to understanding how you are in control of how you react to situations, even if you don’t have control of the situations. You can read about him in this blog How Resilient Thinking Can Prevent Teen Depression From Setting In

Remember what you focus on is what you feel and what you feel is what you focus on. So now is the time to focus on the good, look for the good and make it so you trip over the good everywhere you go.

Grab an app on your phone or a gratitude journal and note down the things that make you smile – big or small.

And if you don’t have a gratitude journal get in touch with TeeJay on her brand new email address 

So how are you going to make sure you are part of the Positive Squad? Let TeeJay know!


or via the website  and also check out too

You can get hold of the The Spark To Your Success book from Amazon

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And one final reminder because TeeJay doesn’t like to mention it – it’s her birthday next Thursday (12th November)

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