Bounce Back Ability

Bounce Back Ability

Continuing the series aimed at young people and those with young people in their lives TeeJay is talking about Bounce Back Ability! It’s also a big subject, so this is just the start of the conversation.

Resilience is a big challenge for many youngsters in today’s society, especially a lack of resilience along with a quick to label society. 

Firstly TeeJay examines exactly what resilience is? You can’t decide if you are resilient enough if you don’t know just what it means.

Resilience is about being able to bounce back from your struggles, the rubbish things that happen in your life. 

We can often mistake resilience for being able to ignore our disappointments, but that’s not the case. Resilience is not living a life with no stress or difficulties, it’s the gift of being able to grow through the hard times.

The good news is resilience can be learned, grown and developed, even better this is a fantastic place to start! 

Over the coming weeks TeeJay is going to explore the 10 ways to build resilience!

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