Building Resilience In Uncertain Times

Building Resilience In Uncertain Times

It’s two years since The Spark To Your Success Podcast was born!

Can you believe TeeJay has never missed a week (even in a pandemic) and has never run out of things to say either!

TeeJay’s been looking back to see what she was talking about in January 2019. And it turns out it was resilience! How topical is that? 

We all need to keep our resilience in check and make sure we’re practicing the art of bouncebackability! 

It’s a very uncertain time right now but building resilience will help you get through it.

Resilience is not about sailing through, unbothered, unaffected not caring less.

Resilience is actually about understanding that life is happening for you, not to you. Life is not here to punish you. Knowing that life’s challenges are here to grow and challenge you.

It’s the art of being flexible, bending when life happens rather than snapping when life happens.

In today’s episode TeeJay will show you how to top up your resilience.

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