Choose Your Reaction

Choose Your Reaction

This week TeeJay’s looking at the anger and rage you feel when the world is not giving you what you want.

And it’s something TeeJay has experienced herself. It’s been a challenging two weeks and the situation escalated last week. To the point of anger and rage.

And despite TeeJay normally being good at controlling her emotions there was a rant.

TeeJay felt like a blow torch on full pelt, but as she was ranting she realised she was burning those around her too. And causing destruction to people around her.

And that made TeeJay think about how we choose to react to situations.

So she decided to not be a victim of the situation and instead look for the lesson and the blessing.

TeeJay explains how she did this and how you can do the same so you can move on from blow torch, flame thrower situations.

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