Let’s Make Christmas Amazing!

Let’s Make Christmas Amazing!


And yes it’s not the Christmas anybody expected at the beginning of the year but it’s still Christmas.

It will probably be a much quieter time so why not make the most of this time and create some time for you. 

TeeJay reckons 2020 has been a lot like a garden hose. No I’m not joking, she thinks it’s been like a garden hose. If you want to know why you’ll have to listen.

So treat yourself to a bit of you time today!

You can get hold of the The Spark To Your Success book from Amazon

email teejay@sparktoyoursuccess.co.uk 

or via the website www.backontrackteens.com  and also check out ignition.rocks too

Don’t forget to share this podcast (and book!) with all the young people in your life!

Music Credit: https://www.purple-planet.com

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