Resilient Thinking

Resilient Thinking

As we explore issues specifically for young people and look at how not so young people can help, TeeJay is continuing her conversation on resilience.

Last time we looked at what resilience is, how you get it and grow from life’s challenges.

This episode we’re looking at resilient thinking, the first of the four pillars of resilience. In fact TeeJay thinks this is the most important pillar because this one impacts on all of the others and your life most importantly. 

In this episode TeeJay refers to Bob. You can find Bob on her website on the podcast page – it’s a pdf!

TeeJay examines how our brains work, how we react to a situation and how we are in control of that reaction. 

The good news is she also shows you how to begin to learn to manage those reactions and meanings you attach to situations!

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