TeeJay Chats To Chloe About Body Image

TeeJay Chats To Chloe About Body Image


This episode discusses eating disorders and self harm.

If this is something affecting you please talk to somebody. You can get in touch with BEAT via their website


In today’s episode TeeJay continues her mini series about body image. You’ll hear from Chloe. She’s 23 and as a teenager had serious issues with her body image. In fact she developed an eating disorder.

Chloe, who is now recovered, explains what she went through and how words have a huge impact. Even words you might not expect to be damaging.

Please remember if you’ve been affected by the issues in this conversation you get get help from the eating disorder charity BEAT

or of course email teejay@backontrackteens.com or via the website www.backontrackteens.com  and also check out ignition.rocks too

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