Ignition! Great Job! Card Game


What is the Great Job Card Game?

The cards share information a bit like a trivia quiz with multiple-choice questions. The cards encourage further learning to discover more about specific career paths and are ideal for teenagers who are planning further education or work-placements. 

The card game can be used in a 1-2-1 coaching session or in a group setting and will compliment Travel Guides and Travellers working together as part of the Ignition! Spark to your Success and Career Ready programmes.

How to play the Great Job Card Game

The game can be used as part of a discovery session in a 1-2-1 coaching environment. Alternatively, it can be fun and insightful to play with a group of participants as a learning experience or an icebreaker. 

  1. Divide all participants into two teams with equal numbers in each team. 
  2. Place the cards, question side down, in a pile between the two competing teams.
  3. A member of the first team selects the top card and reads the question and answer choices to Team 2. Team 2 is allocated a specific amount of time (e.g. two minutes) to discuss the question and decide on a final answer. Some questions are harder than others and may require logical reasoning or an educated guess. If Team 2 selects the correct answer, they keep the card. If they select a wrong answer, they place the card in a common discard pile.
  4. Next, a member of Team 2 selects a card and reads out the question and answer choices. If Team 1 selects the correct answer, they keep the card. If they select a wrong answer, they place the card in the common discard pile.
  5. Alternate teams and card readers until all cards are used. The winning team is the one who has the most number of correct cards.


Alternative ways to play

Assign the Great Job! Cards to students for research purposes to find the answers using the Internet, a dictionary or reference books, etc.

Several blank cards are provided within the pack. Participants can use these cards to research and record alternative jobs they are interested in to share back to their group.

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