Ignition! Change Your Feelings Card Game


Choose to feel magnificent every day with this super simple, but fun game that helps you to turn negative feelings into positive ones. Build a habit that keeps you resilient and happy with life.

What is the Change your Feelings Game?

The game can be used in groups (of two and above) in a social or educational setting, as part of a 1-2-1 coaching session or as an individual. The purpose of the game is to help you to understand your feelings and find ways in advance that will pull you out of a tricky situation where negative feelings can develop. The set of thirty-three vibrant cards share a message that encourages you to flip a negative into a positive by thinking affirmatively. Ideal for ages eight and above, the game is designed to help people manage their emotions and build up their pillars of resilience. 

How to use the game

The Change your Feelings Game is all about choice and helps to create a smooth roadmap that will easily navigate the challenging bumps of life ahead.

Place the cards in a bag or a box and give them a little shake. The first player will pick a card and read out the statement. The other players will brainstorm ideas of how they could change the negative emotion into a positive one. The game encourages collaborative communication and positive thinking. 

 Working in a coaching scenario, individuals who struggle with certain emotions are able to constructively work through solutions that benefit their circumstances. 

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