Ignition! Puzzle Match Game


Use these large puzzle pieces as an icebreaker exercise, to improve communication between people, and to encourage ideas and conversation around career paths. 

What is the game?

Each puzzle game contains a set of thirty-two cards, split into male and female career roles. The game offers a fun way to randomly mix up and match young people as partners or in teams. 

The game is ideal for any classroom-based exercise, team sporting activity, workplace team session, youth group or community gathering.


How to use the cards

The cards can be handed out as people enter a room to assign pairs or groups and to mix up who works with who. This adds a level of fun and randomisation to team working and makes the process fair by eliminating any negative feelings or pain that can surface by not being picked.

Handing out the cards can be part of an exploration exercise where the players have to find their partner for a project. Use of the cards helps people to come out of their comfort zone and mingles participants fairly. Add the elements of fun, interaction and movement to raise the energy levels in a room with the Ignition! Puzzle Match Game.