PerfectShun – Permission to be Human


Are you tired of being all things to all people? Feeling a bit battered and bruised from the beatings you give yourself for falling short of super-human and yet you are not prepared to sit back and wait for things to change by themselves…then this book is for YOU! 

What is Perfectshun – Permission to be Human?

Perfectshun is an empowering self-help paperback book that is perfect for anyone who procrastinates, is a people-pleaser or a perfectionist. 

It’s time to stop beating yourself up, putting yourself down and making yourself feel bad trying to be perfect. Instead – become the BEST that you can be by being kind to yourself and giving yourself Permission to be Human! Finally – PERFECTSHUN empowers you to get the best from life and be the best in your life whilst allowing you to have balance, fulfilment, a sense of purpose and a sense of humour!

3 reviews for PerfectShun – Permission to be Human

  1. Glenn Bridges VP of Business Development

    “Are you the biggest road block to your personal success? Take one action step today and read Perfectshun – Permission To Be Human.”

  2. Ian Gunyon

    This is a great read, as you read through the book the exercises and stories in it help to cement the lessons so you really understand them. By the end of the book all I wanted to be was human – not perfect!!

  3. Kiz Davis, Wellness Coach

    How refreshing to realise that we can take the pressure off ourselves, stop aiming for the impossible that is perfection and instead, start aiming for excellence. This book is a ‘must-read’ for both newcomers and seasoned professionals on the great journey of personal development and personal growth.

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