Achieve goals easily by choosing to reset your inner narrative

Young woman doing a handstand

Achieve goals easily by choosing to reset your inner narrative

Is there something that you really want to try or do but you keep telling yourself, for whatever reason, that you can’t.

Maybe you should think again. The stories that you tell yourself can often be a false truth that holds you back and stops you from accomplishing things that you actually can do.

If you feel too old, too young, too unfit, or not strong enough to do something on your wish list, just stop and think about it properly.

There are so many things that you talk yourself out of doing, large or small, that you really could just have a go at. So, what’s stopping you?


Reset your inner narrative and have a go

What about handstands? Can you do a handstand? This is the starting point for a reason as obscure as it may sound at first.

As I ate my lunch one day, my young agile, flexible, strong and toned daughter suggested we ‘do some gymnastics together’. She’s a gymnast. My real answer would have been ‘no’. But I gave her a mum answer, which is ‘yes, later’, hoping that the idea would pass.

By a twist of fate our neighbour joined his kids in the garden to attempt handstands. Trying and trying and really getting there. He then disclosed that this was going to be a summer mission – if he was stuck at home he was going to ‘a really good, if not perfect, handstand’ by the end of the summer. He’d always wanted to but had not had the mindset or circumstances to do it.

These sorts of fun, small goals are great for developing a positive, can do mindset and actually achieving something that you can feel good about.

Is there something, that if you practiced it just a little bit every day, even for five or ten minutes for the next 30 days or 60 days, that you would go from being either really not good at or being OK, to being great at it. What would that be for you?

Teenager doing a cartwheel

Stay strong and write your own stories

The conversation returned to my gymnastic ability. My daughter demanding, ‘can you still do a handstand?’, followed by ‘can you do a cartwheel’? I can do both because I did gymnastics in my youth, but more than that, I have kept doing the odd handstand at the gym and can’t resist a cartwheel. I’m 55 years old. My daughter was so surprised she shared a picture of my handstand on social media.

Now, while I do feel great about this there is an important message to everyone from this story. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are, what matters is what you tell yourself.

I’ve told myself that I can do a handstand and I can still do them. Regardless of your age, it matters what you think about and what you think about yourself.

  • What you think about your capabilities
  • How talented you are
  • What you think you’re capable of achieving.
  • What you believe about yourself

What you believe about yourself becomes your truth. It doesn’t mean it is true, but it becomes your truth. It’s true to you. If the story you tell yourself sells you short it is time to reset your inner narrative.


Start tapping into your potential and reset your inner narrative

You are capable of great things, many great and varied things. What potential are you not tapping into right now? What would you love to do, or do again, that you maybe haven’t done for months or even years?

Do you tell yourself and others a story about why you shouldn’t do it? Do you say you’re:

  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Not strong enough
  • Not good enough
  • Not flexible enough

My handstand proved to me that you’re never too old and you’re never too young. You are probably stronger than you think and more flexible than you imagine. In your mind as well as your body. Sometimes all it takes is a small change in belief and a little courage to give something a go. So why not surprise yourself and perhaps the people close to you like I did?


Challenge your self-belief

Choose something, anything that you can focus on to achieve and that will allow you to challenge your self-belief and help to reset your inner narrative.

Maybe it’s a handstand. Maybe it’s a cartwheel. Or it could be calligraphy, playing an instrument, singing or cooking. Have you always wanted to write a book but told yourself I’m too old or I’m too young, or thought you’re not good enough?

Choose the life you want to lead

These are all stories that we tell ourselves. The only thing that stops you getting what you really want is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have it. Take decisive action to end that story and reset your inner narrative to tell a new story of self-belief where you give that thing a go.

I would love to hear about any challenge, large or small, that you set yourself to just give something a go – please share it with our socials:

Tell yourself the story that you can do it and go out and achieve the things that you want to in life.

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