Back on Track Teens goes to Canada

Back on Track Teens goes to Canada!

Back on Track Teens goes to Canada

Back on Track Teens is a small Stoke-on-Trent based business that has BIG international goals about making a difference to the lives, communication skills and careers of young people world-wide.

My name is TeeJay, owner of Back on Track Teens and I am really excited to be back from Canada where our program, Ignition! is being integrated in to a very high profile government backed initiative called ‘From Education into Employment’ being led by Celestica Inc. and Ryerson University.  This 13 week extra-curricular program will teach 12-14 year old’s Ignition!, Business Development Concepts and how to bring a product to market. Through a series of coaching and workshop programs we will teach young people from who they really are and where they fit in. Our program bridges the gap between education and employment by giving young people soft skills, a sense of identity, and the ability to know what they are naturally talented at so that they can find the best roles in life, teams and business.

For one week, 16 of the most amazing minds from Ignition!, Business Development, Technology and Academia were locked in a room in Celestica’s Head Offices in Toronto to put together the program that will be launched in September 15. I had many ‘pinch me’ moments as I taught the team Ignition! and shared in the brainstorming and creation of our vision.

Giving young people the courage, confidence and skills to take risk, embrace innovation, defy the status quo and create their own futures!’

I get goose bumps every time I read that! I am passionate about making a difference in the confidence and self-worth of our young people and empowering them to discover their hidden talents so that they can reach their true potentials.

And, whilst I am thrilled that I get to be a big part of this in Canada, what I really would love to do is bring this home to the UK, especially home to North Staffs so watch this space!


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