Discover what drives you to get the most out of life

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Discover what drives you to get the most out of life

What does a human being really need to be happy? The answer is a lot simpler (and less expensive!) than you might think. 

Rather than being governed by material things, it is our connection with the world that influences how we feel about our lives. 

Being connected to our work or study, friends, family and home is what really matters in feeing good about ourselves and the life we live. 

If you feel empty, frustrated or lost it could well be that you are not being challenged, feel taken for granted or feel insecure in your relationship, job or home. 


What is most important to you?

Psychology expert Tony Robbins has identified six needs that we all have  that rule the way we act and feel. These are: 

  • Certainty – so we feel secure
  • Variety – stops us becoming bored
  • Significance – allows us to feel a sense of importance and purpose
  • Connection – so we feel part of something, or close to someone
  • Growth – where we can continue to learn and move forward
  • Contribution – knowing you are of service to others

Working out what matters most to you and how you seek that out will help you to overcome negative behaviours or to move forward. Think about what is really bugging you about your course or job, friendship group, family or personal relationship. Do you think you deserve more recognition? Are you putting someone else’s needs above your own to make a relationship work? 


Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.Lao Tzu.


Take note of your emotions

Be aware of what makes you tick. Ask yourself what you want from life and take positive action to bring this into reality – make it happen. Don’t be afraid to walk away from relationships that are one-sided or leave a job where you feel undervalued and unchallenged. Speak to your friend, partner, or boss first, but if you don’t see the change you want, move on to meet your needs. 


Stay positive

Making stronger connections with the world and growing as a person can mean that you have to make difficult choices but you will feel better in the long run. Embrace the need to make changes with a positive attitude and this will help you to see the best in new opportunities. 

If you want to connect with more people and feel a sense of purpose, then put yourself out there and give a little bit more. It is the season of giving after all. Volunteer or offer to help others and catch up with family members who may have been feeling lonely. If you have good luck pay it forward by helping someone out where you can. 

Connecting with others is the greatest gift life gives us, so step back and spread a little joy where you can this Christmas to make others feel good – and yourself.


Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.Paul J. Meyer

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Dates for your diary this December

Each month, we take a look at the national days taking place across the globe. Here on the Back on Track Teens blog we’ll pick a few that resonate with us and hopefully you, our readers. 


10 December, Human Rights Day 

2020 has been a challenging year and the covid-19 pandemic has exposed the inequalities that continue to affect lives around the world. In the spirit of observing the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights more than 70 years ago, Human Rights Day this year is sending out the message to build back better by tackling discrimination, poverty and inequality to create a better world for everyone. 


21 December, Look on The Bright Side Day

A positive mindset will help to fend off stress, sadness and the physical symptoms these can lead to, so looking on the bright side is always worthwhile. As hard as it can be in times of darkness, brighter times will lie ahead. Practice being an eternal optimist even if just for this one day – 21 December – and see how easy it can be. Smile at strangers, chat with friends and enjoy every moment.


31 December, Make Up Your Mind Day

Stop dithering and make your mind up, now! Well on 31 December anyway. If you are incapable of making decisions mark this day in your diary and prepare to stand firm. Do you really want to change job? On 31 December book onto a course that will kickstart your new career. Do you need a hobby? Just sent that email and sign up. 

Embrace change and accept the responsibility and just go for it! New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to commit to making decisions.


Choose the life you want to lead – find your flow and what drives you

Please do let us know the positives you’ve taken out of 2020 and share your goals for 2021 – you’ll be more likely to achieve them if you make them known to the outside world. Find someone who can hold you accountable to striving forward. Connect with the community:

If you have any questions and would like further help on finding what drives you, please contact me privately by sending me an email.

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