Gender and Sexual Identity resources to explore

Gender and Sexual Identity resources to explore

Discover more on your journey by learning, talking and sharing

You will find resources below in the form of organisation and charity website links, social media influencers, TV series, movies and a collection of Back on Track Teens guided meditations, books and activity links.

The resources are compiled from the recommendations of the nine amazing young people interviewed on the podcast and members of the Back on Track Teens team who identify as LGBTQ+. Their journeys have started and they are now sharing the resources they found helpful along the way. The resources are suitable for young people, parents, carers and anyone who wants to learn more.


Charities and organisations


Social media sites and influencers


  • #Thisiswhatanasexuallookslike
  • #Whatsyourname campaign


Searching for keywords on Google and hashtags on social media will present plentiful resources, organisations, charities and people who can help to answer your questions.


Television series and movies

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