Learn to embrace life with the power of positivity

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Learn to embrace life with the power of positivity

Jacqueline Richardson

Jacqueline Richardson

Do you sometimes struggle to see the positives? Do you find yourself too often wallowing in negative thoughts or destructive self-criticism? In this blog, we’re going to look at how teenagers (and in fact people of all ages) can learn to love life by embracing a forward-looking attitude. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you take the time to be a little bit kinder to yourself.

Let’s start by sharing the story of Jacqueline, who was born with cerebral palsy.


Challenge and adversity

My name is Jacqueline and I have cerebral palsy. This affects my walk and to go long distance I need to use a wheelchair but if I can, for short distances, I use walking sticks to get around.

When I was around two, I had to have an eye operation on both eyes because the doctors found out that I squint. Then, when I was about seven years old, I went to the Peto Institute in Hungary, a therapy centre for children with cerebral palsy, to find out what they could do.


“It’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” Michelle Obama


At the age of 18, I had to have another operation on my legs which meant releasing the tendons on the back of the knee.

I look back at it now and I take that opportunity to grow because, OK, I had to go through that, but I came through the other side and that’s the most important thing.


Find Your Own Path

When I was at school I couldn’t really do as many sports as any other child, so I thought what else can I do? I loved science and I loved learning so that’s what I focused on. I basically didn’t feel any different to anyone else. It was just that I knew, while I was learning at school, it was going to take me a bit longer, but that was fine.


“We must take time to find our own path. Too quickly we can find the world defining it for us.” Unknown
Clipboard and pen for someone who is ready to set their personal goals.

Looking Forward with the power of positivity

Learning more about personal development has really helped me. I started off by listening to Tony Robbins and have attended some of his events. Every single time that I’ve gone, I learn little nuggets of information. You may not have heard something the first time or you may have heard it but it might not have resonated with you – but once you put the work in, it’s like ‘oh this is why it happens this way’.

He encourages you to let go of your past. That’s the most important thing because I find that some people stay in their past and don’t allow themselves to move forward. That’s when you become stuck and that’s not me anymore.


“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.” Ziad K. Abdelnour 


My secret recipe is basically when you set goals in your life or for your future is to never give up, ever. The other nugget I would like to share is the importance of having a positive attitude within whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Never allow the negative thoughts to take over because I find that if it does, you won’t get the result that you wanted to achieve.

I’ve also taken up meditation so when I’m having those moments, I just take myself away somewhere quiet and reflect. I think that’s the most important thing because you need time for yourself. I’m not saying that you won’t get them because you sometimes do, but it’s how the person chooses to deal with those.


You are in control of your own destiny

Are you a parent, carer or teacher inspired by Jacqueline and her message of positivity? Perhaps you’d like some support helping a young person to break the cycle of negative thoughts and encourage greater self-belief. Give us a call on 0330 1002821 if you’d like to find out more.

Choose the life you want to lead

How will you be in control of your own destiny? What would you like to be or do in the future? Let us know and share your thoughts with our social media community.

Take the world in your stride and however fast or slow that is, just remember it’s right for you – use the power of positivity.

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