SATS, Maths and Theme Parks!

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SATS, Maths and Theme Parks!

I love this story told to me this week by one of our Ignition! consultants as we were catching up together a year after she trained to use the profiles.

After the training in using Ignition! the first person Nicci profiled and debriefed was her daughter, Fabia, who at that time was just going in to year 6 at school an important year for her as her SAT’s (Standard Assessment Tests) would be taken at the end of year 6. Their grades were predicted at the start of the year and Nicci was concerned that her daughter didn’t particularly like maths and therefore was not as good at it as she was in other subjects so, as any concerned and conscientious parent would, a maths teacher was employed to ensure the best results at the end of the year.

Nicci shared her daughter’s profile with the new Tutor to give her a new and additional insight in to who Fabia is and as an Astronaut profile she has a great imagination, loves to think in pictures and make up stories. Fabia and her Maths Tutor put this gift to work in their lessons together and instead of concentrating on the instant ‘calculate these numbers quickly in your head’ type maths they played with applied maths. Throughout the year they turned the maths questions in to stories of Theme Parks with numbers of people on the rides and the prices of the tickets, roller coasters and dodgems and how many hot dogs and fizzy drinks would that be and really made the numbers come to life in all kinds of creative situations. So much more fun!!

But what about the grades?

Well – this is really the impressive bit. At the end of the year with her tutor and their engaging sessions Fabian creased her predicted grade in maths by FOUR grades! Now that is what I call a result for Ignition! and especially for Fabia!

Haha! I wished I’d had that insight when I was younger, I wonder how much more fun chemistry could have become?

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