Transmasculine (abbreviated to transmasc)

Transmasculine (abbreviated to transmasc)

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An umbrella term used to describe transgender people who, generally, are assigned female at birth and identify with a masculine gender identity, often to a greater extent than with a feminine gender identity. 

Usually transmasculine people will choose to appear or express themselves as stereotypically masculine. This could be because it feels right to them or because they want to signal their dominant masculine identity to others in society.

As it’s an umbrella term, transmasc is used by a wide variety of individuals who do not identify as cisgender, from transgender men to non-binary or genderfluid people. 

It’s worth noting that transmasc is not the same as the word ‘masc’. Masc is a masculine gender role which is sometimes used as a gender identity. It describes anyone in the LGBTQ+ community who is or feels masculine in nature.

Like any label, don’t assume that a person identifies or uses this term to describe themselves unless they tell you otherwise.

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