A way of lifting your mood in winter

lifting your mood

A way of lifting your mood in winter

When the clocks go back and autumn arrives it can be a time of comfort and cosiness for some while others feel the cold, dark months difficult.

Dark nights and dark mornings can really have an effect on your mood – and for many people lifting your mood in winter can be challenging.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real problem for some people, where the lack of natural daylight really takes a toll on their mood and the way they feel. This can be seriously debilitating, but there are steps you can take to alleviate the problem.

When the weather changes and the sun gives way to darker nights, and days, the potential to keenly feel the doom and gloom can hit home.
Something like falling out with a friend can have a huge effect, leaving you in tears and unable to shake the feeling of being upset and a bit down.

Lifting your mood in winter

But that’s enough of the doom and gloom, sometimes we just need to shake off our thoughts about a time, or season.

So, instead choose to sparkle through the later stages of the year – and that will mean bringing your own sparkle.

The first event to look forward to is in the autumn is, of course, Halloween. Sweets and sugary treats will keep the spirits of youngsters high no doubt but there are other ways to mark the date.

Halloween trails have brought a new, outdoorsy element to Halloween, and it is also a great chance to get older kids to dress up and enjoy being in character. You may also choose to decorate your home to make people smile as they pass your home – and can even be part of a local trail. So, have fun making your house look the part.


“You will sparkle like a diamond if you shine in total dark.”
Rajesh Walecha


lifting your mood in winter

See Bonfire Night in with a bang

Next up there’s Bonfire Night. This can be a mixed bag as many, many people have a problem with the effect this has on pets and animals, particularly when fireworks are let off over a prolonged period around November.

To make it enjoyable for most people, keep your fireworks for the weekend of Bonfire Night and always make sure to use them safely.

Fireworks displays can be amazing and really bring a spark to the dark months. Sparklers are just as great, silently lighting up the night.

Plan to celebrate family events

How else can you bring a little brightness to the darker months? Birthdays are a great excuse to celebrate with an added sparkle. So, if you, or a family member have an autumn birthday, really go for it. Make it a full-on, sparkly fun-filled celebration that will give you something to look forward to – and to reflect on afterwards.

Then, of course, there’s no escaping the biggie – Christmas. The countdown seems to begin earlier and earlier, but why not enjoy it? Once Bonfire Night has passed, think about how to bring some joy and light into your homes in the run up to, and through, the festive season.

Twinkly lights are always going to bring a touch of sparkle to these darker nights. These don’t need to be totally over the top, but a few tasteful fairy lights can go a long way.

And while the end of Christmas can be a sad time as the fairy lights go away, the promise of a new year and a new start can bring its own dose of positivity.


“Whether it’s a birthday of your ex or of your best friend, find any reason to celebrate. Have a day full of laughter.”
Sarvesh Jain


Dress to impress with brighter outfits

Have you ever thought about what you wear in the dark autumn and winter months and how that might affect how you feel? Is your wardrobe a mix of black and grey?

Are your colourful clothes consigned to the summer months?

Why not make a big effort to add a splash of colour to your outfit? Dig out your colourful tops, shoes and dresses and make a statement against the grey sky.

Don’t just save the sparkle for Christmas. Adorn your outfits with sparkly jewellery, paint your nails with glittery nail polish or rich autumnal hues. Don’t save the colour for the summer – bring it out now when we need to see it most! Make yourself happy through your own appearance, feel good and spread a little brightness.

Boys too – dig out your colourful clothes!


“Don’t let anyone or anything to dull your sparkle.”
Pradeepa Pandiyan


Choose the life you want to lead

Why not add a little bit of light indoors and lighten the mood by bringing warm feelings to winter? Fairy lights are a great way to do this. Let the light in wherever you can. But help yourself to find warmth and brightness in the autumn and winter months.

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Bring added light to the winter months by spreading your own sparkle to help lift your mood and those around you.

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