Challenging days: Laugh and stay positive

Challenging days: Laugh and stay positive

Have you ever had a really weird day, where you wonder what else could go wrong, or what strange things might happen to you? 

As challenging as these days can be – that’s life. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. 

How you choose to see these weird days, and how they make you feel and impact you depends a lot on your mindset and attitude. Resilience and positivity are essential tools in helping you to see the brighter side of whatever life throws at you.


“If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.” John Wooden


Laugh off challenging days and stay positive 

At some point we will all face a challenging day when things just don’t go our way so ask yourself: 

  • How resilient are you?
  •  Do things bounce off you because you are resilient? 
  • Do you have a level of positivity that lets you go with the flow?

Having a sense of humour is so important to see you through challenges – along with the art of flexibility. Be bendable so as not break. 

Sometimes we need to learn to take things in our stride and go with the flow. The ability to look back and laugh is a great asset.


Diary of a weird day (and how to stay positive!)

We all have weird days and I want to share a really weird one I had recently. 

It began bright and early; I got up, got ready. All was going well. It was a really cold day, literally minus five degrees. I was heading into the office early for a 7.30am coaching session so needed to be on time. I came out of the house all ready and organised, pressed the remote control for my car but nothing happened. I tried again, and again. 

I wondered if I hadn’t locked it but the lights flashed on, I still couldn’t open it. Then I pressed the button and the boot pinged open but it still wouldn’t let me in.

I decided to unlock it with the key but it was frozen solid. I went to get the de-icer – but it was in the car!

Managing to thaw the lock with water I got the key in but still it wouldn’t turn. I really needed to leave so what did I do? I improvised to come up with a creative solution.


“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Duke Ellington


Something you may only ever do once in your life!

Unfortunately, the boot was the only part of the car open so that was my only choice – and in a narrow sports car the only way in is to slide in head first, feet last. I must have looked hilarious!

I scrambled into the front seat (hoping not to set the alarm off) but the door still wouldn’t open from the inside. Final option: Turn the key in the ignition and hope it unlocks the door. Yes! The spark to your success: the ignition! It worked! 

I was in a real rush at this point but the roads had a different idea and I got stuck in 4-way roadworks. I arrived five minutes late for the session and expressed my apologies and thankfully, it was a wonderful call. 

In the panic of the morning I locked the car with the key fob when I arrived at the office, so it still didn’t work when I came to leave for another meeting. I really didn’t want to get in the car head first again, not in the daylight!

Thankfully, a bit of water got the lock working again and even though I set the alarm off and panicked as I struggled to get the key in, I was ready for my training session. 

I sat there waiting, but after 10 minutes there was still no-one on the call. Most unusual. I checked the booking – it was definitely in. I called to check the time – I’d got the wrong month! 

Rather than get frustrated I laughed. I was going to have one of those days and it was not over, it had just begun.

Dealing with a shocking day

With the gift of four unexpected hours there was so much I could do, but for some reason I seemed to have become electrified. Everything I touched gave me an electric shock – the computer, the kettle, the toilet door – to the point where I didn’t dare touch anything!

I thought this is it, my day can’t get any weirder. I headed off to go to my meeting but when I got there the office was shut and no-one was around. I then checked my messages to find an apologetic email saying, ‘sorry I forgot all about our meeting and can’t make it’.

I got in the car with a smile on my face and laughed to myself. 


Make the choice to be curious and stay positive

Have you ever had a weird day like that? It shows the importance of your mindset and attitude when things don’t work out as planned. 

I could’ve chosen to let it get to me and felt negative about the way the day panned out, but instead I chose to find it amusing and be curious as to what might happen next. 

Yes, the universe has a sense of humour, but we do too. 


“Fall seven times and stand up eight.” Anonymous


Learn to enjoy life in all circumstances

When you feel on top of the world, regardless of external conditions, then you enjoy the day, no matter what. A weird, challenging day can be a good lesson in being able to manage in difficult circumstances and laugh it off. 

Resilience, a sense of humour and a positive mindset allow us to manage our feelings when things don’t go to plan. You can enjoy your day even if everything falls apart.

Of course, it is also natural to feel a sense of relief at the end of a challenging day and to finally hit reset. 


Welcome surprises

It’s not all challenging issues though – sometimes weird things happen that prove to be wonderful coincidences that help you out. Sometimes the universe delivers with perfect timing to give you ideas and solutions when you need them most. 


“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey


Choose the life you want to lead

You never know what’s coming on any given day, so approach every day with a sense of curiosity and a positive attitude that no matter what the day brings, it will be amazing. Enjoy your life unconditionally. 

Please share your tips and experiences of making the most of a challenging day and staying positive in the face of adversity.

Stay positive, be curious and make the most of life’s challenges to help you grow as a person – and survive life’s bumps and bends.

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