Struggling with the pressures of being a teenager? Fuel your FLOW

fuel your flow

Struggling with the pressures of being a teenager? Fuel your FLOW

You may have heard me say this before but you are in control of your own destiny and it is possible to rise above the daily pressures faced as a teenager by tackling them with a positive frame of mind.


Fuel your day, week and future ahead

This is why I developed the Ignition! programme designed to empower young people, just like you, to build confidence, boost self worth and to provide you with a vision and direction when making decisions for your future ahead and career ideas.

Why do you think it’s called Ignition!? Think about when you jump into the car with family or friends about to embark on an adventure. Maybe you’re driving already – congratulations if you are – and have your own wheels. In order for the car to start the ignition needs to kick in. A spark is required to light the fuel so that the car can operate. This is exactly what happens in your body when you feel in ‘flow.’ You were introduced to the concept of flow in the last article. Have a quick read if you’re new to the idea, but essentially it refers to your ‘state of being’ and if you’re in flow then you feel pretty darn good about life.

Back to the car journey … have you ever been in a situation where petrol was pumped into a diesel car or vice versa? It’s not a great outcome is it? The car splutters and judders, puffs out grey smoke, and eventually stops working. It breaks down! It’s the same situation for you if you don’t find the right fuel for your flow. This is why so many people suffer from anxiety, inferiority complexes, even depression. Find the right flow and you help to remove the pressures of life.


“I am on a journey, ever growing and developing.”


Finding the right fuel for your flow

Let’s get down to business and look at your ‘mission control’. The place where it all begins. The ancient Chinese would have called this ‘spirit energy’. This is not new stuff you’re being introduced to here, it has 1000s of years of successful history. Finding your fuel is about your purpose and why you do what you do. Why do certain activities or ideas draw you in? What do you enjoy and what don’t you enjoy? The right fuel gives you the key to understanding what you are doing.

There are four main fuels and often you will find that you are a mix of two. Everyone is different. There is no wrong or right and no better or worse. Grab a pen and journal and make some notes around each of the fuels below. Think about which elements you relate to or people you know that the fuel describes.

Fuel: Nova – North point on the compassFuel: Nova – North point on the compass

If Nova was a season it would be springtime because it’s a fast paced fuel, full of life. People who thrive on Nova fuel have lots of ideas, a creative imagination and they love to invent or innovate.

If this sounds familiar, you will be spontaneous but not the best at timing. You might change your mind often and find yourself deviating from plans, but you are a big picture thinker. You will always look on the bright side but sometimes you might think you can achieve more than you can in the given time. You are an inspiration to those around you and you love to get new things started, just not necessarily finished as the novelty may wear off. You can be impatient with yourself and others and as a consequence you find it difficult to pass on responsibility. You have high expectations and can be disappointed easily.

Fuel: Exuberant – East point on the compassFuel: Exuberant – East point on the compass

Exuberant as a season would be summer because this fuel creates warmth, friendliness, passion and can be a bit fiery.

Are you energised by friends and family, and love to be around people? If so, Exuberant could be your fuel as you will love to get stuck in and will probably talk more than you’ll listen. You take energy from outside and bring it inside as you love variety in your life and constantly ask questions. Being a social butterfly you love a party and are great at spotting the potential in those around you. You’re competitive and love being in a team and you will seek the opinions of others before making your own decision (so long as you don’t get confused!).

Fuel: Sensational – South point on the compassFuel: Sensational – South point on the compass

Sensational as a season would be autumn and earth if it was an element because it’s a grounding fuel.

If this is you then you will be good at sensing the world around you, in nature and in people and you use your senses – touch, hear, see, and smell – to your advantage. You will instinctively know the right time to do something and have strong gut feelings. You have deep thoughts, will be caring and want to look after people, animals or the environment. You’ll always go the extra mile but you can be upset easily because you’re sensitive and overthink situations, taking throwaway comments to heart. You are good at planning and will always make sure the job gets done by the right people and at the right time – but you’ll want proof before you take action.

Fuel: Wise – West point on the compassFuel: Wise – West point on the compass

The Wise fuel is all about facts and figures, data analysis and structure. If this sounds familiar then you may not be a ‘people person’ because you’ll want to get stuck into the finer detail, to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. You won’t need validation from other people to get the job done and you are brilliant at taking control and bringing certainty to a situation.

Being in a social setting for long periods will sap your energy and you will want people to get to the point quickly. Idle chitchat is not for you and being alone helps you to replenish your energy levels.

As a season, Wise would be winter.

So which fuel are you? Once you have decided think about what activities and ideas will support your fuel and where you can seek more of it. Remember, you will more than likely be a mix of two.

“Even on days when I don’t make much progress, I am constantly learning. On other days, I make amazing progress toward my goals.”


Choose the life you want to lead

It’s important to appreciate what your gifts are and the type of fuel that gives you your flow as it will help you to live a more fulfilled life. It’s equally important to recognise that your greatest qualities may be someone else’s worst. This is why people with different fuels can often complement each other, but also why some people conflict. Being able to identify and appreciate this is a powerful skill so work on it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on fuel and flow and whether you can add any further traits to how you think and act. Please do connect with me to ask any questions and share your experiences. You can find me on:

Have an amazing rest of the day and take charge of your life and fill up with your fuel for the exciting journey ahead.

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