Celebrate your own successes this December

Celebrate your own successes this December

It’s true, 2021 has been a year of challenges, but the way you have met then overcome them and found new strength from that is a cause for celebration.

Yes, it’s time to stop, reflect and give yourself a big pat on the pat and say, ‘I did it’. Every little success deserves celebrating, so see the year out with a bit of self-sparkle by smiling about all those things you DID achieve.

It doesn’t matter how many other people know what you have achieved throughout the year, what matters is that you know – and that you tell yourself ‘yes, I smashed that’.


“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”


Building resilience by overcoming challenges

Look at where you are compared to last year whether it’s getting a new job, making new friends, finding a new partner, taking up a new sport or creating something amazing.

It’s not just the obvious goals that you should focus on though, there are some quiet achievement that will make a huge difference to your world. Have you left a toxic relationship behind? Found a way to manage your anxiety? Built up your own self-worth?

Overcoming challenges is amazing for building resilience. As hard as dealing with a challenge may seem at the time, in the long-term it is going to make you tougher, smarter and give you that much-needed bounce-back ability.


“Success in life depends on your desire to keep moving forward despite the odds.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Meeting teen issues head-on with the facts they need

For Back on Track Teens and the Ignition Programme, it has certainly been a year of achievements. We want to celebrate those successes and recognise how they can offer support to people who need that extra helping hand. Helping you to overcome challenges to let you live your best life is what we are here for – and this year we delved deeper into some of the most significant issues facing teenagers in modern society.

In three specialist mini-series, Back on Track Teens gave you all the facts and first-hand experiences that you need to be able to take a step forward with:

Gender and sexual identity
Body image
Meditation and mindfulness

Gender and sexual identity, and body image are two of the big issues facing teens today and our blogs, podcasts, eBooks and resources help people of all ages. But staying strong and focused means protecting your wellbeing, and meditation is such a great tool for this. Our guided meditations give you the know-how that you need to calm your mind.

Discover mindset magic

It’s not just about facing down challenges though, you need a positive mindset that will let you tell yourself ‘I can do this’. TeeJay’s new book The Spark to Your Success: Mindset Magic for Teens shows you how to tackle challenges positively and make the right choices to achieve the life that you want.

Sparkle and be an inspiration

So this December, take a deep breath and think of all the many personal victories, big and small, that have made you who you are.

Celebrate how far you have come and feel inspired and full of sparkle this December as you get ready for a new year which will no doubt bring plenty more to celebrate.

Whenever you need a little extra support to bring out your inner sparkle, Back and Track Teens and Ignition are here to help, with loads of resources available to support you.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more
there is in life to celebrate.”
Oprah Winfrey


Choose the life you want to lead

Life is full of challenges – good and bad – that can push you to your limits but also allow you to surprise yourself at the level of grit and determination you can show.

In building resilience, overcoming a challenge will help to get what you want in life by showing you that you have the tools and mindset to do that already.

Share with the Back on Track Teens community the challenges that you have overcome – and any tips you have for making difficult changes. Find us at:

Celebrate your inner sparkle and inspire yourself this December by reflecting on the challenges that you have overcome.


“One who conquers the sea today is ready to conquer the ocean tomorrow.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

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