How to develop inspirational leadership energy

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How to develop inspirational leadership energy

Just as you considered who you followed, who your role models were … who sees you as a role model? What followers do you have?

Are you the organiser of family video calls, online quizzes with friends or regular catch ups? Are you perhaps already leading but don’t know it? 


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch


Energy leadership

I believe that we all have it within us to become a leader. Energy leadership is concerned with how you show up in the world and to those around you. There are three types of energy leaders:

  • Flatline energy leader
  • Negative energy leader
  • Positive energy leader

The flatline energy leader is the person who has switched off their emotions and pulled the plug on their energy so that they don’t feel bad. It’s as though they have flatlined emotionally.

There comes a challenge with this because when you have put a lid on your emotions to stop feeling bad, you can’t feel good either – you become emotionally numb, quiet and blend into the background. This state is not really living is it? It’s simply surviving or existing and that’s not how life is meant to be.

People with flatline energy find it hard to influence anything or anybody – even themselves because they have no drive and nothing is exciting to them. A leader with flatline energy will struggle to motivate staff or pupils, friends and classmates because they have no vibrance that others can get behind to support.

Negative energy leaders are more obvious and you have probably met many. They moan and groan, huff, puff and tut about everything and you will hear them before they enter a room. They will often act like life owes them a living and they will use controlling techniques on those who follow them.

If you speak to a negative energy leader, even for five minutes they are likely to leave you feeling emotionally drained. Have you heard of the phrase ‘mood hoovers’? Well, that’s what a person with negative energy is like, they suck the positive energy right out of you like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust out of carpet. 

A positive energy leader on the other hand has a presence and you can feel literally their energy. They have an amazing ability to connect and after spending a few minutes in their company they leave you feeling positive, uplifted, inspired and energised. 

So which kind of energy leader are you? 


“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” John Maxwell


Choose your energy wisely

It’s important to be consciously aware of these traits and choose wisely what type of energy you ooze because you will affect and infect the people around you. It’s equally as important to choose who you spend your time with. Hanging around flatliners and mood hoovers will not serve you well. In fact, these people can drag you down very quickly until you become a miniscule part of your former positive self.

Choose to spend time with positive energy people and better still, why not become the leader yourself?  Before you shrug the possibility off, you do have it in you because this book has taken you through many techniques that help you to develop a positive mindset that leads to personal leadership. 


What is personal leadership? 

Personal leadership is about taking control and being the leader of your own life.

For every new day that breaks, are you the leader in your own life? You are responsible for how you show up in the world in what you think, what you do and what you say. 

Leading by your own standards and values and only investing time and energy into doing things that are good for you is hugely rewarding and will increase your positive energy levels. Share exciting and innovative ideas with friends and family and be that positive role model. 

Blaming everything and everybody for what’s going wrong in the world around you and within you is actually a manifestation of you giving away control and losing your life’s energy. And that’s not healthy for anyone.

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Take control of your life both in your thoughts and in your emotions to positively affect your energy and positively infect your actions. Choose to believe that life happens for you. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow and lead your own life. 

If you do have a tendency to moan and groan, stop it now. What you are actually doing is choosing to delete amazing things from your awareness by not spotting opportunities to learn and grow. Even when times in the outside world are challenging or you feel a little lost inside, draw strength deep from within and think about your personal standards and values. 


“A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


What do you stand for? 

What do you believe in or feel strongly about right now that you can speak up for and support? Can you use these standards and values to become a role model or mentor to others? Find your ‘magnificent me’ and lead by example. 

Create a vision for the future and share your goals in a way that inspires your friends, your brothers, sisters and parents, and your teachers and work colleagues. You could be doing them a huge favour by gifting your positive energy to them. 


Choose the life you want to lead

You have the chance to lead in so many ways, and when you are being your best self you can bring out the best in others, the best in the situation you’re in and the best possible outcome for your future.

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Until next time, choose to start every day with positive energy and use it to create inspirational leadership – lead the way for yourself and others. 

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