You’re a teenager – be magnificent!

magnificent teenager

You’re a teenager – be magnificent!

In today’s blog I’d like to talk about you being magnificent. You might not think it but there are many teenagers out there who constantly put themselves down, who suffer from anxiety, stress and worse still, bouts of depression. But you are amazing just as you are and I’m going to help you to see that by encouraging you to find your magnificence and believe in it.


What’s your identity?

In order to show you how to feel your magnificentness I want you to think about your identity. Beyond your name, where you live and whether you’re a student or have a job title, who are you? I don’t want you to reach out to any of those labels you might have been given by other people either. Labels are often cruel and untrue so never let anyone’s negative belief become the truth in your eyes. Think again, deep down, inside your core, you are you?

Your identity is the most powerful and impactful discovery you will ever make. Once you are comfortable with your identity you will have found your purpose and become unshakable and unbreakable. How awesome is that? You’ll be magnificent every single day – as a teenager now and as you grow into adulthood.


“I didn’t change, I just found myself.”


No one has the right to define you

This is an important statement. No one can tell you who you are and that includes friends, parents, teachers, trainers and anyone else you meet in life. What other people think of you or label you is their opinion and not necessarily the truth. You decide who you are and what you stand for in life.

When I clicked with my own identity it was a life-changing moment for me. I let go of all the opinions of others – which I did carry around as my own truths so I understand where you might be right now. I had low self-esteem, no confidence and was painfully shy, but when I discovered my real identity I challenged that fearful person. I created a magnificent me and that allowed me to leave the old, negative, stressed and unhappy me, behind.



“I am improving, innovating and getting better every day.”


Decide your identity and become magnificent

When you decide who you are it gives you the key ingredient to build your resilience, gain greater confidence, more self-worth and you will achieve greater success through enjoying life and taking chances. You will seize opportunities rather than shy away from them through fear.

When you stand strong in your identity, if others label you with names and untruths such as the naughty kid, the geek, the lazy one, the ugly one, the stupid teen, you have the confidence to check your magnificent list and say ‘wow, thank you for your opinion, it’s not here, so it’s not true’. You simply move on in complete confidence.


“I am the captain of my ship and the creator of my future.”

Unhappy Teenager
How to find your identity

I want to share a formidable method of finding your identity. It’s not a quick win but I guarantee that if you stick with this you will become one incredibly fabulous teenager and you will be magnificent! If we ever get to work together on a 1-2-1 basis or if you join an interactive group we will deep dive this topic in much more detail. But let me get you started by saying the following two words are the most powerful words in the English language:


‘I AM’


Did you guess that?

Yes, these words are small, but they are mighty. ‘I Am’ dictates your identity and your unconscious mind. It’s your unconscious mind that has all the power and if you give it a series of ‘I Ams’ it has no choice but to match the identity given. This is why listening to inaccurate labels can be damaging. If you believe you are bad at something or you don’t look right or you can’t do something then you will feel anxious around people, be fearful of situations, and worry about the past or future even when you can’t change it. It’s the start of a negative spiral.

Let me give you an example. Instead of being fearful of the school bully and doing everything in your power to avoid walking past them because they will call you names, simply tell yourself ‘I Am beautiful’, ‘I Am clever’, ‘I Am better than him/her,’ and ‘I don’t need you in my life.’ Choose an ‘I Am’ phrase that works for you and I promise that walking past them will soon start to become less frightening and your confidence will build. By being fearful you give up some of your control and beliefs because you are, on some level, believing what they are saying. You are living a ‘lesser you’ because you are trying to fit in. Sooner or later emotional issues such as this, if not overcome, will show up as problems in your physical and mental health. Problems like stomach ache, stomach acid, headaches, migraines, food sensitivity, joint pains, anxiety, nervousness, depression and so on. Don’t be that person. Be magnificent.

Remember this, you can never please everyone or be all things to all people, so just be what matters to you. Notice harming self-talk and flip it into a positive. Say that’s not me, this is me … I Am XYZ. When you are happy in your own skin it’s because you know who you are to your core and you live that truth. All that unhelpful stuff then disappears, it’s amazing.


“I am the architect of my life. I build my own foundation and I choose my own bricks.”


Create your magnificent me list

Back on Track Teens Write Icon in GreenYou will need to do a spot of preparation to build your I Ams in advance. This is so that you can step into the right state of mind if anything untrue challenges you. Grab a paper and pen or your phone or computer and let’s begin. Once you have completed your list you will need to practice this everyday for at least one week so find a time that suits your routine.

  1. Come up with ten amazing things about you.
    • These need to be qualities that you have or you are rather than academic qualifications or achievements. Think about qualities like being kind, honest, calm, loving, caring, beautiful, creative, open-minded, eco-sensitive … choose our own
  2. Next to each quality write down a reason why you know you have this quality
    • An example could be that you are caring because you made your mum a cup of tea in bed this morning because she had come back from work late last night or you are eco-sensitive because you volunteer your time at the local animal welfare sanctuary. Be honest and truthful to yourself

When you have come up with ten qualities on your magnificent me list, say them to yourself every day for the next seven days (and beyond). A great time to practice saying your I Ams is before you go to sleep at night because your unconscious mind will start to process and integrate them into who you are while you’re asleep. It will also weed out the I Ams that you don’t want anymore.


“I am abundance.”


You’re a teenager – be magnificent

There are actually two parts to finding your identity and being magnificent. Once you have come up with your main I Am list I want you to add five new qualities every day for the next seven days. Not only are you reinforcing your positive qualities by telling yourself ten amazing things every day but you are also building on this and amplifying your fabulousness! You’ll feel great.

By the end of seven days you’ll have the most wonderful comprehensive list of magnificent qualities and behaviours to replace the negative ones you’ve unhelpfully let into your life.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog article and the exercise has helped, I have another one you can try that will boost your magnificence even further.


Choose the life you want to lead

Define who you are and use your I Ams to stand in greatness. The more you do the more your unconscious mind says ‘as you wish’ and you become them. Please do connect with me and share your I Ams and how you feel in your journey to becoming more magnificent. Connect with me on social media or email me in confidence.

Have fun with your I Ams and I’ll see you in your magnificent me state in the next blog. Stay amazing!

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