You’re a teenager – be even more magnificent!

Love yourself

You’re a teenager – be even more magnificent!

You’re already on a journey to building a better, more positive you by finding your identity and your true I Ams. This blog is a quick follow on from the last article where we looked at building your I Ams list so that you could become magnificent!


The Alphabet Game

By now you should have a list of around 40-50 I Am qualities. If you have struggled with this first exercise, please do email me so that we can discuss your experience and overcome any stumbling blocks. I’m here you support you.

The next stage to becoming even more magnificent, confident and in-love with life is to get creative. Root out your I Am notes and jot down all the letters of the alphabet from A-Z. Leave some space between each one and make each letter stand out. Use different colours, styles or stickers and have a bit of fun.

For every letter of the alphabet write down a positive thing about you, for example:

  • A = I am Amazing
  • B = I am Beautiful
  • C = I am Creative
  • D = I am Diligent
  • E = I am Energetic
  • F = I am Fun to be with

I love this game and it’s so easy. I still play it in the shower and when I’m getting ready because it motivates me for the day ahead.

It’s fun to find different words and be creative, but do make sure you go through the entire alphabet, even X and Z. Some letters will be hard, but persevere. Make words up if you need to, ones that sound like something you’re great at and have meaning for you. This exercise isn’t meant to be shared it’s for your own empowerment. When you have your full twenty six positive traits add some more and aim to build at least three positives for each letter such as:

A = Amazing, Abundant and Awesome

B = Beautiful, Bouncy and Brave

I guarantee that if you get onto the habit of saying these I Am qualities to yourself every single morning when you begin a new day, you will start it in a whole new and magnificent way. Those amazing I Ams define who you are and allow you to stand tall and comfortable in your own unique identity.

Go one step further and encourage your friends and family to have a go at the alphabet game and the first I Am exercise. Encourage them to find their own I Ams and to magnify their own greatness. If you do this you can then add ‘supportive’, ‘encouraging’, ‘helpful’, and ‘inspiring’ (amongst others) to your list of qualities.



“Simple I cans and I ams shall be a great way to start cultivating your mind with positive thoughts.”


Choose the life you want to lead

I hope you are enjoying the Spark to Success blog series, designed to bring you inspiration, some insight and infect you with a little positivity for your day.

You can download useful PDFs here to help you find your identity or print them off and keep them in a positivity folder for your eyes only. If you want additional help or have any burning questions please email me or connect with me on social media.

Have fun with your I Ams and I’ll see you in your magnificent me state in the next blog. Stay amazing!

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